The FDA is looking to lower nicotine levels in cigarettes

It wants them to be down to a ‘non-addictive level.’ We would make a snide comment here about what constitutes a ‘non-addictive level,’ but some people frown on those.


Congress and the White House have agreed not to pursue a border adjustment tax (a tax on all imported goods from certain countries). Retailers were happy with the news, and our friends at NACDS are certainly pleased.

Merck warns of possible delays

It’s still dealing with the effect of last month’s Russian cyberattack, “Petya.”

And so it begins

Texas reports its first case of mosquito-transmitted Zika virus this year.

Tomorrow, on As the Congress Turns…

So repealing/replacing Obamacare/ACA is dead for now. What comes next? A bi-partisan effort to fix it? Congressional efforts to make it work as-is (say, by paying insurers their risk-corridor money)? What’s the White House gonna do? (Will it withhold those cost-sharing payments?) Should we just wait and see?

We’ll go with “wait and see.”

If you’re in the Macon area and want a pig…

Macon-Bibb Animal Control has 150 pounds of “here ya go.”


Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin are looking for ways to cut Medicaid spending by raising the bar for enrollees.