Try to keep up, folks

Fats are good for you (says a new, large, long-term study), carbs are bad. And remember, if a food is labeled “low-fat” there’s a good chance there are lots of added sugar.

Contrary to popular thinking over the last few decades, the researchers found no significant association between eating more than the recommended amount of fat and developing heart disease or having a stroke. In addition, a fat intake of about 35 per cent of total calories was associated with a lower overall risk of dying compared to a lower percentage of fat in the diet.

In contrast, people who ate a lot of carbohydrates (more than 60 per cent of their total calorie intake) were at higher risk of death overall, as well as death not related to cardiovascular disease. 

Serendipity and drugs

You probably know the story of penicillin (open window, bread left out, mold kills bacteria, etc.), but how about the equally interesting story of warfarin? (Bonus: It has cows!)

Sci-fi writers, take note

These scientists are reprogramming cells using nanoparticles. (“[W]e develop targeted mRNA nanocarriers that are simply mixed with cells to reprogram them via transient expression.”)

The goal is to get those cells to produce disease-fighting proteins, not to start a new breed of superhumans.

Yet another coffee study

This one shows that having at least four cups* of coffee a day cuts your risk of death. Caveat: The people studied were those who ate a traditional Mediterranean diet, but still. (The study was presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s 2017 Congress.)

Among 200,414 person-years of follow-up, a total of 335 participants died. Participants who consumed at least four cups of coffee per day, showed a 65% lower risk of all-cause mortality than those who never or almost never consumed coffee.

  • A “cup” of coffee is about 6 oz., so one typical mug = two cups

CVS lawsuit sorta dropped

Remember that suit accusing CVS of overcharging for generics (via clawbacks)? It’s been dropped … sort of. The woman who filed has dropped it, but the law firm she hired is planning to refile.