Every Georgia county will have a health insurance provider in 2018

Blue Cross Blue Shield has agreed to stay in any county — there are 85 — where there’s no other health insurer. However, it will not be available in the 74 counties that have other insurers.

Health insurers in Georgia and across the country have left counties where they were losing money when Congress refused to make subsidy payments promised* under the Affordable Care Act. But both Republican and Democratic lawmakers are pushing for those subsidies to be paid, so the insurance picture is likely to change.

About 300,000 Georgians buy individual policies from BCBS.

*Sort of. It’s a legal mess because, while the ACA requires the subsidies, Congress never made an appropriation for them.

DEA wants to cut controls for 2018

DEA wants to cut the number of controlled substances manufactured in the U.S. by 20 percent next year.

To be clear: It’s proposing cutting the amount it will legally allow — the “Aggregate Production Quotas.” Rationale: Demand for opioids has dropped so fewer doses need to be created.

Better med school = fewer opioid prescriptions

A study out of Princeton found that physicians who graduated from higher-ranked medical schools (e.g., Princeton’s) write fewer scripts for opioids.

[P]hysicians trained at the lowest ranked US medical schools prescribe nearly three times as many opioids per year as physicians trained at the top medical school.