Quick Irma updates

Emergency refills. Remember: You can give emergency prescription refills to your patients and to evacuees (under certain circumstances). See GPhA.org/irma for details.

Healthcare Ready has activated the RxOpen map for Hurricane Irma. They will be actively tracking the storm and standing by ready to assist with requests for information or assistance at alerts@healthcareready.org or (866) 247-2694.

“Rx Open is an interactive map that helps patients and providers find nearby open pharmacies in areas impacted by disaster. The map will be updated daily throughout the federally-declared disaster.”

Refill Too Soon” Override. Use the Submission Clarification Code 13 — Payer-Recognized Emergency/Disaster Assistance Request.

Hat tip to Shawn

Shawn Hodges that is, GPhA member and owner of Innovation Compounding Pharmacy. He’s testifying on Capitol Hill this week on “Preserving Patient Access to Compounded Medications.”

(American) Indian giving

Got a patent you want to protect? Why not sell it to the Mohawk Tribe?

Under the deal, which involves the dry-eye drug Restasis, Allergan will pay the tribe $13.75 million. In exchange, the tribe will claim sovereign immunity as grounds to dismiss a patent challenge through a unit of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The tribe will lease the patents back to Allergan, and will receive $15 million in annual royalties as long as the patents remain valid.

They don’t really know what they’re doing

When your patients walk away, medication in hand, more than half are likely to misuse them — not taking them, taking them with something they shouldn’t, or taking the wrong meds entirely.

Oh, and a different story reports that a third of people stop taking their prescriptions entirely, without telling a healthcare provider.


This story is getting so much airtime we had to include it. Yes, apparently sleeping with your dog in the room is a good thing — but not actually in the bed. (Here’s the full study from the Mayo Clinic.)

Gotta admire his dedication

Why so serious?

Georgia is the 30th happiest state in the nation. (Minnesota is the happiest, in case you were wondering. Hawai’i, oddly, is number 3. Unhappiest? West Virginia.)

Could this be “Lee”?