AmerisourceBergan acquiring H.D. Smith.

It’s paying $815 million in cash. H.D. Smith subsidiaries Triplefin and its PSAO Arete Pharmacy Network are not included in the sale.

Stand and deliver

Meet the Nike Tanjun sneaker. What’s so special? RunnerClick named it the most comfortable shoe for standing all day. (Rounding out the top three picks were the ironically named Skechers Go Walk 4 Exceed and the New Balance W1765v2.)

No, annual flu shots won’t weaken your immune system

Who comes up with this stuff, anyway? Reality (and it’s kinda sad people had to take time to debunk this): Annual vaccinations are more likely to strengthen your immune system.

That’s the result from a Norwegian study that found…

immune system CD4 and CD8 T-cells — which target viruses — had more disease-fighting capability “after multiple annual vaccinations” than those in people who didn’t get the yearly flu shot, the investigators found.

Bonus: The story includes a quote from a doctor with the Best Name Ever: Infection expert Debra Spicehandler.

Not quite the Iron Throne

Check out this story about the last handful of people in America still using iron lungs; they have polio. (Nowadays, of course, vaccinations prevent polio — so no one ever has to suffer this fate again. Sorry, Jim Carrey!)

Cold drug stops cancer

N-Acetylcysteine is supposed to treat the common cold. But it also seems to attack breast cancer cells — if not outright kill them, at least stop them from spreading.