Take a shot

How do you stop parents from trying to opt their kids out of immunizations? In Washington state, requiring counseling (and a signed letter from a physician) worked.

Georgia physicians looking beyond opioids

With the crisis in full swing and opioid use being tracked (and sometimes limited), physicians are looking at options from NSAIDs to acupuncture to SSRIs to chiropractors.

Wine glasses are getting larger

Over the past 300 years they’ve been growing steadily, and that growth has accelerated since the 1990s. Science!

Time to change Georgia’s HIV laws?

Did you know people in Georgia with HIV can be sent to prison for up to 10 years for not disclosing that fact to a partner? And up to 20 years for spitting at a cop? (It falls under “bodily fluid.”)

Those laws are relics from the 1990s, and not surprisingly, people are asking for a change.

For better or worse

Amazon’s Alexa can now tell you the cheapest local pharmacy to buy any given drug (for people paying cash).

Stick with holding your breath

The good news is, there’s a scientifically proven way to stop the hiccups. The bad news is, you’re not gonna want to try it.