Another member makes the Bulldog 100

C2 Medical Solutions, owned by GPhA members Chandler Conner, was also named to UGA’s Bulldog 100 — the list of “the fastest-growing businesses owned or operated by UGA alumni.”

Congratulations, Chandler!

ACA gets half a million Georgians

It looked like Georgia’s ACA enrollment was going to be quite a bit lower than last year … until a last-minute surge pushed the 2018 numbers to just about the same level as 2017. And it’s not over yet.*

Bottom line: In 2018, about half a million Georgians — at least 483,000 — will be getting their health insurance thanks to the ACA exchange. (That’s part of 8.8 million Americans total.)

* Because of Hurricane Irma, Georgia’s sign-up deadline was extended to January 31, 2018.

Better get moving on that bucket list

For the second time in two years U.S. life expectancy has dropped, most likely because of the opioid epidemic. It’s now at 78.6 years, trailing all other Western nations, and just below Chile, Costa Rica, and Slovenia. Yeesh.

CHIP gets short reprieve

The U.S. House passed a temporary funding bill that will (among other things) pay for the Children’s Health Insurance Program so 8.9 million children — including 232,000 Georgians — can still afford health care.

The emergency funding bill, though, doesn’t provide any money for Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The FDA wants to get some more insulin makers into the market

It’s adding the drug to its program designed to increase generic competition.

Flexibility counts

Catheter design is tougher than you might think. The problem: “How do you keep a very thin tube flexible enough to snake into hard-to-reach places but rigid enough to withstand insertion?”

The answer is both what you think and NOT what you think.

There’s a hole in me pocket

The HHS’s Office of the Inspector General found that drugmakers — and not just Mylan, which already got caught and fined — may have misclassified generic drugs as branded ones, resulting in $1.3 billion in extra government payments from 2012 to 2016.

Apple: We own all the apples

Apple (the tech company) doesn’t want Roswell-base Red Apple Pharmacy to trademark its logo because it contains an apple and thus might be confused with the tech giant. That’s because Red Apple is going by “Red Apple Interactive Pharmacy,” so, you know, there’s that tech angle.

It’s not our fault

Purdue Pharma, which has been accused by, well, everyone, of helping fuel the opioid epidemic by pushing its Oxycontin pain reliever is fighting back against the lawsuits, investigations, and judicial rulings with … an ad campaign.